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Day ofset-up


All Thats Included

We decorate based off your ideas of what you want your wedding day to look like. We are here to help bring those inspirations to life! We set up your decorations so you and your family can enjoy the day with as little stress as possible. 

Price: $500.00 

  • Bar Area

  • Ceremony Site

  • ​Dessert Table​

  • Gift / Card Table(s)

  • Head Table

  • Whole Table Set-up w/ Centerpieces

  • Six hours of set-up on the day of

  • One consultation to go over all details. 

Flower Plants

Why hire for decor set-up? 


Be Stress Free

We set up all decorations so that you and your family can enjoy the day!


Probelm Solver

Something gone wrong? We are here to help issues that may arise throughout the day with decor.


Extra Help

We know the days counting down to your wedding are super stressful and full of things to do. We help create inspiration for decor placement.

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