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The perfect keepsake to remember the endless memories of a special day or time in your life. 


Preserved Wedding Bouquets


The Process

**Located in Muskegon, Michigan**

How it works: 

     Have you booked us for another service for your wedding day? This makes it easy for you. We will grab your bouquet after your day and bring it home with us to start your drying process & preservation. This process can take about 4 to 6 weeks and once finished you will have a piece to remember for a life time. Also receive $20 off for booking for another service with us :)

Do you not have us booked on site for your wedding day? That is fine too! You can either drop your bouquet off the week after your wedding or dry them yourself and then bring it to us. We have the drying instructions process below. Once booked, we will send a drop off location to you. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-18 at 4.15.01 PM.png

The Drying Process:

If drying them yourself, take the flowers out of water and deconstruct out of the bouquet. Tie the bottom in groups and then hang them upside down in a dry dark environment. The drying process can take about two weeks or so. Be care when taking apart or transporting as they will be fragile dried. 

Dried flowers will lose some color and become wilted, if we are drying your flowers, we do dry certain flowers a specific way with drying beads to keep shape and more color. 


The Preservation Process:

Once the flowers are dried, we will mock a version of your bouquet for you to approve. Your flowers will then begin the layering process of epoxy/resin. You will choose a specific frame, stain and lettering included or not before the drying process begins. 

** We do not ship our preservations as they are fragile and we not want to chance the possibility our your piece being ruined. As you only get this day and memory once. 


Book Now

Two options: 

         To secure your wedding bouquet preservation, we require a nonrefundable $85 deposit. You can submit your deposit (on the right) to secure your preservation. The remaining amount + tax will be due before pick-up, which will be communicated once your bouquet is in it's last steps. 


         You can pay the full amount + tax now and secure your wedding bouquet       preservation. 

* * We do not ship any preservations after they are finished as they are fragile and important. We do not want to risk your bouquet getting lost or damaged in the shipping process. We are drop-off / pick-up only in Muskegon, MI. If you book our bartending services, the day of your wedding we will bring your bouquet home with us so you do not have to worry about this step!

Deposit Process Below

A follow up email will be sent after submission with a form for preservation details and drop off explanation. 

Paying in Full Below

A follow up email will be sent after submission with a form for preservation details and drop off explanation. 

Blooming Flowers

Booking Information

Please send us a message if you have any questions about your preservation or booking process. 

Thank you for supporting small! :)

Drop off / pick-up in

Muskegon, Michigan

A $85.00 deposit is required to begin your preservation process. Once your bouquet is finished, the remaining amount is due before pick-up. 

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